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Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class, Dance Troupe, Miss India Pageant, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance Class in New York, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin.
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Miss India Pageants

Not only a dance company, Arya International also hosts state-wide Miss India pageants. For the past 10 years, our pageants have successfully given young women a platform to promote their cause while making a difference in our community.  Confidence, Intelligence, and Grace are amongst the key factors that our winners project!

Winners of each state will continue onto the next level, The Miss India USA will be held in December 2015 at Royal Albert’s Palace in New Jersey.   And, winners of The Miss India USA will proceed onto the Miss Worldwide Pageant in India, organized by The IFC, the largest Indian Pageant organization.  The India Festival Committee, based in New York, has been organizing pageants for the past 30 years, giving winners the opportunity to travel around the world promoting charitable causes, work in Bollywood movies, and enter the high fashion modeling industry.  Check out http://www.worldwidepageants.com/

Segments Include:

Indian Wear
Evening Gown
Question and Answer

Prizes Include:

Miss Talent
Miss Congeniality
Miss Popular
2nd Runner Up
1st Runner Up
The Winner

The winner and 1st runner up will represent their state at The Miss India USA Pageant!

Arya Dance Academy Offers Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance, Classical Dance Class in New York, Virginia. Contact Arya International for Indian Dance Class, Bollywood Dance Class, Classical Dance Class, Kathak Dance Class, Bharatanatyam Dance, Indian Dance School, Event Management, Film Dance School
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